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Who We Are

McDonald ArchitectsArchitect Chad D McDonald, AIA, leads McDonald Architects, a custom residential design firm. We are committed to listening to our clients so we may provide them with beautiful, thoughtful homes that reflect their needs and desires while maximizing the possibilities of their property.

A Charleston native, Mr. McDonald received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Clemson University, where he also attended Clemson’s Charles E Daniels Center for Architecture and Urban Studies in Genoa, Italy. Before completing his undergraduate studies, Mr. McDonald also worked as Clerk of the Works during the first year of the restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Auldbrass Plantation near Charleston, SC. While at Auldbrass, Mr. McDonald worked with Architect Eric Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright’s grandson. Before establishing McDonald Architects, Mr. McDonald worked with some of the most prestigious architectural firms in the South Carolina Lowcountry where he designed and managed many custom Residential Projects.

As a LEED Accredited Professional, he is committed to balancing the latest in sustainable construction practices with the desires and means of his clients. With the establishment of McDonald Architects, you – the client – may now take full advantage of these experiences and his talents.

What We Are About

McDonald ArchitectsAs a full service design firm, McDonald Architects focuses on custom residential architecture. We offer remodeling, rehabilitation and new construction architectural services with a commitment to design and service excellence.

What makes us unique? It is the understanding that there are three primary variables to the Design Process: The Client, The Site and The Architecture. Why is this important?

The Client
The Client:

It is our primary goal that the design we create with you will fully realize your needs and aspirations.

The SiteThe Site:

We find the site to be equally important, not only because that is where your new home will sit, but because great architecture celebrates its environment. We seek, in our architectural designs, to embrace the landscape by weaving your needs and aspirations into the fabric of the land. Each site is different. Each client is different. Each home should be different.

The ArchitectureThe Architecture:

Every style of Architecture embodies a set of relationships between the visual details, shape and feel of the spaces and general massing or form of the building(s). Our goal is to understand, re-interpret and employ these relationships by wrapping them around your needs, giving expression to your desires while celebrating the landscape where you have chosen to make a home. The Architecture provides the framework we will utilize to weave your home into the landscape.

Working together, we will balance your resources, fulfill your needs and realize your aspirations. As we guide you through the Design Process, we will also assist you in prioritizing many areas of potential interest such as sustainability, durability and resource conservation. Together we will create a beautiful home that not only lives well but also is in harmony with its environment.