Basic Services

Site AnalysisSite Analysis

Site Analysis is the process where we identify the opportunities presented by your site.


A custom program will be developed through a series of conversations where we learn about you and how you want to live.

Once we have established your needs and desires, we will create a room-by-room outline of room sizes that will help us determine the size of house you want. From this outline or program, we can then establish apreliminary budget as a first step in prioritizing your budget.

SchematicSchematic Design

The Schematic Design Phase is comprised of free-hand sketches of the site plan, floor plans and elevations. These sketches demonstrate the general concept and character of the design; how the design fulfills your needs and desires while realizing the opportunities offered by your site.

SchematicInterior Architecture

During this phase, we create the interior elevations and interior views that communicate the design concepts for the interior rooms including elements such as fireplace(s) along with ceiling, wall, floor and bath details.


DesignDesign Development

During this phase, you will see your home take shape; we will translate the schematic sketches into 3-dimensional computer-generated drawings which will also be utilized later for our construction documents.

Interior SelectionsInterior Selections

We will accompany you and your interior designer to makeand then coordinate your selections such as appliances, plumbing fixtures, arechitectural lighting, countertops, and cabinetry.

ConstructionConstruction Documents

This final phase of the Basic Services involves the creation of the technical drawings and general specifications that will be utilized by the general contractor to build your home.

Pricing, Bidding and Negotiation

We will assist you in selecting the general contractor and throughout the negotiation or competitive bidding process.

Construction AdministrationConstruction Observation

We will act as your representative to ensure that your home is being built according to the construction documents and specifications.

Extended Services

ConsultationConsultation Coordination

The architect will assist in the coordination of any consultant hired directly by you, such as landscape architects.

RenderingRenderings, Presentations and Models

The architect will provide and draw perspectives, 3-dimension computer renderings and other presentation as requested by owners and design review committees.